4 Person Relays


Interactive Course Map                     

This event is designed for four-person teams, and will begin at the same time as the marathon.   7:00 am Four-person teams run the marathon course.  All relay finishers receive a medal after completing their leg of the course.


1 – STARTING LINE to Lake Fayetteville Northshore Park- This is the Longest Leg= 8.5 miles
2 – Lake Fayetteville Park to Arvest Ballpark Inside = Approximately 7 miles
3 – Arvest Ballpark to Springdale High School- this is the shortest leg= approximately 4.7 miles     Don’t fight y’all!
4 – Springdale HS to the BIG FINISH LINE- Approximately 6.0 miles


Relay categories are all male, all female or mixed, (two men and two women, OR 3 women & 1 man, not 3 men & 1 women). Each relay team member must fill out an entry form listing the name of each person running a leg of the relay. The fee is $40-50 per participant. A relay runner may run in the marathon or half marathon for an additional fee, and should be the first relay team runner. A shuttle service will be provided for relay exchange points by Ozark Regional Transit.  The course is the same as the Marathon, and will finish on Emma Ave. in Springdale, Arkansas. Shuttles will be provided back to the downtown area.