2018 Hogeye Marathon & Coaching Program

About Pauline Allen                                                              

 Pauline Allen has  been coaching since 1995, over 20 years. She graduated college as a Div 1 All American at the University of Arkansas, has been running over 40 years, Track, Cross Country, Trail Running, Road Racing, Play Running and more. She’s a many time Boston Qualifier and has many times come back from injuries and started over. She understands the journey. Pauline is a Certified Coach and has experience at all levels and distances racing and coaching from beginners to advanced runners.

Plans Available for the Hogeye Marathon & Hogeye Half Marathon

Pauline  uses an app called TrainingPeaks as a way for you to see what is “prescribed” and also as a way for you to log your activity. It works great if you have a GPS watch, but also works with a smartphone/computer. Depending on how technical you want to get you can pair your watch with the app and have all your runs load up onto your TrainingPeaks Week, turning your day GREEN when you get your run done! If you aren’t so technical you can simply type into your Training Peaks Session and it will turn Green when you say you’ve completed your run. GREAT ACCOUNTABILITY!

Your sessions will be written carefully using a progressive plan.  Rest and recovery are a vital part of improvement. Pauline  wants her  runners to improve steadily and SAFELY so is very careful not to do too much too soon. You will get 1-2 quality sessions per week,  and your long run will be progressed and regressed to gradually build you up without overdoing you.

Choose between these 3 Plans:

Slogger to Jogger Plan

If you presently are walk/jogging 3-4 miles, 3 times per week or so and want to complete your Half of Full on minimum training to get it done with a smile on your face.

Run Faster Plan

If you have been  jogging/running 4-6 miles per week 4-5 times per week for the past 3-6 months and want to PR your Half or Full and are committed to 4-5 runs per week with some quality.

Advanced Badass Plan

If you have been running 5-8 miles 4-5 times per week, have a base of 6+ months  regular running, are ready for an improvement in VO2max, to get stronger and faster without any junk wasted miles in an efficient manner.


Coaching plus race registration- Click HERE.                                              Please email on your plan choice.

If you have already registered for the Marathon or Half Marathon, but want to add the training program,                                                                                            Click HERE

Slide the donation bar to $75.  You must be registered by January 14- NO EXCEPTIONS! Please note your choice of Plan.

Half Marathon- $136-Must be registered by January 14

Marathon- $156- Must be registered by January 7, & already be running a long weekly run of 8 miles.



Free pair of Hogeye Socks and Hogeye Swag along the way, and sponsor-donated swag

Discounted Registration into Hogeye included, or if already registered- $75.00

Discount into Razorback Run in October

Weekly Coaching Plan

Training Peaks Account with Coach Pauline

Weekly Informational Clinic

Weekly Group Long Runs


Topics include:

Nutrition on run


Proper Hydration

Proper Running Form and Drills



How to dress

Heart rate zones